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Nets against birds.

Nets against birds.
Nets against birds.
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Some grapes, often small and blue, attract birds ( Blue muscat is not attacked in the Ardennes). Net covering the vine is the best way to preserve the harvest. It is sold in every garden centre.


To protect the birds, nets used to protect the vineyard must comply with the following characteristics:
- Being constituted by threads of at least one millimetre in diameter.
- Having mesh of maximum 30 mm side.
- Being blue.

The nets will be installed in the following manner:
- If the net is composed of several pieces, the pieces will overlap or be stapled.
- The edges of the net will be fixed to the ground and excess net folded inwardly of the plot.
- Remove nets at the end of the harvest.

If you can not find blue nets, you can tie strips of plastic film, preferably blue, so as to make it easily visible to birds.
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