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- Resistant grapevines for sale in Belgium, Germany, Netherland, France and Luxemburg -
New! Grape vines with good disease resistance and/or winter hardiness are for sale in this on line nursery. Grown in pots, they are sold all year long.
The e-shop is closed untill August.
Parcels are sent each monday.
clusters from resistant nordic grapevines.
Those vines are ideal for backyard and many of them can be grown outside in the biological way, even in cool areas like Belgian Ardennes highlands, northern countries, North of France or in mountains where usual grapevine “Vitis vinifera” cannot succeed.
Our nursery is specialized in Nordic fruit varieties and tests for you more than 120 grape vine varieties and dozens of fruit trees in rough climatic conditions of Belgian Ardennes (highland – 500m elevation). Our varieties present one or more of the following characteristics:
-   hardiness (adapted to chilly winters).
-   Earliness (fruit ripe before first frosts).
-   Disease resistance.
With our secured internet site you can buy and pay online simply and quickly. We accept:
You can also buy your plants online and then pay by usual bank transfer, if you prefer. See detailed explanation in
Caution: our clients in France, Germany and Luxemburg are asked to read information on Phylloxera in:
Our trials last several years for each variety tested: visit again our online nursery after one year: interesting varieties are in the pipeline and will be sold soon.
Fanny Rion.