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- How to buy a grapevine? –
You have the choice between three purchasing methods:
1. Purchase and payment directly online (the easiest and fastest (*) with credit cards, also suitable for debit cards).

2. Online shopping and payment by bank usual transfer (no cheques please).

3. Purchase on site at the nursery (cash payment).
1. Buy and pay online.
You order your grapevines and pay directly online via PayPal (1), the preferred payment method on the internet, which guarantees the safety of operation. PayPal accepts credit cards and payments via bank account.
Print this page and follow these simple and easy to understand steps:
1 - Choose a category by clicking one of the buttons to the left of your screen. A choice of products appears. Click on the product that you want to look at and you access its description, with larger photo.

2 - Below the product description, you have a field (box in which you can write) in which you can enter the quantity you wish to order (a single product by default. If you want more, it is essential to specify). Then click the "add" button.

3 - An invoice appears with a subtotal of your order (without tax or shipping). If you have not finished your shopping, click ''continue shopping'' otherwise click on ''checkout''. The little yellow padlock next to this button means that the payment is secure.

4 - A new page will appear, asking you to enter personal data for billing, dispatching and payment. You must fill out all fields with a small red star on the left side. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, click ''copy data'' and all information is automatically copied to shipping information.
Then, choose the payment method and enter the information related to it. Click the ''finish'' button and you will get a printable invoice with all the information you just entered. As soon as you have clicked on the ''finish'' button you can not change anything in your order. So, before clicking this button so be sure to have well finished shopping . You can make changes to the products you have selected (remove, add or change the amount) or continue shopping by clicking “back to the cart”. Taxes and shipping fees are calculated automatically according to the country and province you have registered. You have the information on the amount you are charged on the invoice.

5 - Choose the payment by PayPal bank. You will then either pay directly with your credit card or via PayPal. In the latter case you need to open a free PayPal account to make the payment. Follow the instructions.
(1) PayPal is a bank established in Luxembourg, supervised by the CSSF. Particularly safe (you do not provide your bank account details to merchants) it is mainly used by eBay, the auction site on the Internet that is known worldwide.
2. Buy online and pay by bank transfer.
2.1. You buy as above up to point 4.

2.2. You choose “wire transfer” instead of “PayPal” and print your invoice.

2.3. You make your payment by bank transfer to our account. As communication please mention the transaction number on the invoice.

2.4. Once we have been credited, you will receive your order by mail or via a carrier.
3. Buy at the nursery.
You make an appointment with us (Mrs. RION at (0)498/733145), then you just take your vines on site at Amcomont 8, 4990 - Lierneux. Attention, we do not have a bank terminal for payment! Be sure to have banknotes.
- Shipping costs -
We only charge minimum shipping fee of 6.00 € in Belgium (for parcels of up to 10 kg). If the weight exceeds 10 kg, the additional shipping cost is offered by the nursery.

For Germany, Netherland, United Kingdon, France and Luxembourg, the minimum port fee via the post mail is 16,40 Euros. What exceeds this amount is also offered. As a result, you do not have interest to split your order.
- Delivery (*) -
We ship on each Monday. Delivery usually takes place on Tuesday in Belgium and on Wednesday or Thursday in neighbouring countries.

You must add to these delays, those of payment: Instantaneous for PayPal, while 3 working days are often required to be credited with a foreign bank.