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Main pests and diseases of the grape vine.
1. Phylloxera.
It comes from an aphid parasitizing roots and leaves of the grape vine and which is able to kill it. It is present in almost all vineyard regions of the world where it is necessary to protect the grape vines by grafting them onto resistant rootstocks. Planting a not grafted vine in these infested areas, even an hybrid one, is a risk of failure. Nevertheless, in areas with virtually no viticulture, such as Belgium and parts of France, the risk of encountering the Phylloxera is low and not grafted grape vines can be planted, with the advantage that even if the aerial part is destroyed by a severe frost, vines will recover quickly by pushing new shoots from stock.
It should be noted that soils containing 65% or more sand does not allow the installation of Phylloxera (the collection of grape vines in Montpelier – France is not grafted). It is possible moreover to make a large planting hole filled with a mixture of soil - sand to plant a not grafted vine in Phylloxera infested area. When our vines are grafted, it is stated, otherwise they are rooted cuttings.
2. Mildew.
Present in humid areas, it attacks here severely vinifera grape vines, but not resistant hybrid vines that we sell. The main symptom is first a stain on the upper surface of grape vine leaves like an oil stain and later a whitish underside. One controls it with sprays of cupper (harmless when properly used - authorized in organic farming) or Cymoxanil.
3. Powdery mildew.
Almost absent High Ardennes (Highlands), it can appear in plains as a greyish white felting on both sides of grape vine leaves and clusters, with a smell of rot. The sensitivity of the grape vine varies from variety to variety. It is easily controlled by preventive spraying sulphur (harmless when properly used - authorized in organic farming).
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