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Ligita - semi-dwarf apple tree

Ligita - semi-dwarf apple tree
Ligita - semi-dwarf apple tree
Reference : LGA
Very promising new variety, originated from Latvia (2009). Probably one of the two eating apples with storage capacity able to produce in highland (Belgian high Ardennes – 500m).

1 year maiden bare root grafted on MM106.

Eating apple variety exceptionally resistant to diseases, perfect for growing without pesticides in the garden, even in high Ardennes. MM106 rootstock, semi-dwarf tree with staking unnecessary.

Resistant to canker, scab (Vf), cold (<or = -30 ° C) and fruit rot. Tolerant to mildew. Ripening is late (mid October at 500m altitude), storage 5-7 months. Excellent shelf life, up to 3 weeks. Fruits are rather small (about the size of ‘Cox’), smooth and uniform, bright yellow with orange stripes. Flesh firm, juicy, aromatic, flavour good to very good. Tree medium vigour, easy to train, bears early and well. Note that fruit size in Belgian Ardennes is larger than in LATVIA (rainfall?).

A good exposure is needed for it when it is planted in altitude (500m). Group of flowering 4 (Queen of the Pippin) in high Ardennes. Very fertile, young fruit thinning often necessary.

Planting distances suggested:
Low density: 6.0 x 8.5 m
Average density : 5.0 x 7.5 m
High density : 3.5 x 6.0 m

Propagation prohibited without a license – Plant Protection Certificate.
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