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Summer Sweet

Summer Sweet
Summer Sweet
Reference : SUMMERSW
Young grapevine ready to bear fruits in 3 Litres container. About 75 cm tall.

A delicious variety of style of Concord, the famous grape consumed in the eastern USA, very fertile, with very sweet grapes and moreover decorative .

This vine is resistant to cold and diseases, no pesticide treatment is normally required and it fits perfectly in a production ''bio''.

This variety is being evaluated. The grapes should mature in low and middle Belgium outdoors and of course in greenhouse. It is possible that good exposure in the Highland (Ardennes: tying on a wall to the south) would also be suitable.

The weeping port of its canes and the fact that small clusters remain long on the plant give it its decorative value.

Variety Summersweet gives a good grape juice: neutral, sub-acid and sweet at early maturity, then progressing to more sugar with raspberry aromas - often appreciated by children. Taste a bay from time to time to determine the maturity corresponding to the taste you prefer and pick at that moment.
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Children's grape. Sold out.
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