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Fertilizer for grapevine - 500g.

Fertilizer for grapevine - 500g.
Fertilizer for grapevine - 500g.
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The first two years, a good fertilization is important, so that the young vine grows quickly and bears grapes early. A handful of fertilizer spread at the bottom of the planting hole, covered with 5 cm of soil in order to avoid direct contact with roots is appropriate. Do not forget to weed the vine foot, otherwise your fertilizer will mainly benefit ... weeds.

Thereafter, once the vine is established, it requires a moderate annual amount of fertilizer: excess of nutrients, particularly nitrogen, makes the vine more prone to diseases and induces excessive vegetative growth. It delays also wood hardening of shoots and thus increases the sensitivity of the plant to frost (bury in the root zone at 25 cm depth at the start of vegetation in the spring and not exceed 50 kg nitrogen / ha, 85g / vine of fertilizer sold here).

If you have a few vines, the proposed bag of 500 g should initially be enough. After , or if you have a lot of grapevines, we recommend a complete horticultural granular NPK fertilizer, preferably containing magnesium (young vines are susceptible to magnesium deficiency) and without chlorine. Chose a formulation for fruit.
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