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Monfort nursery products itself most of the grapevines it sells:
- Most often, the micro-cuttings technique'' in vitro'' is used to multiply our grapevines, via the services of CEDEVIT, a non-profit organization hosted by the Institute of Botany of the University of LIEGE. Seedlings received at “4 leaf stage” are then acclimatized in our greenhouses where they continue to grow before sale.
-We also use classic techniques of grafting and propagation by cuttings.
We guarantee a secure online payment of your purchases, fast delivery, and high quality service. If you were not satisfied with a product at the reception, we are committed to replace it or to pay it back to you.

Plants grown in pots have a very good recovery after planting, however, as we do not control the culture conditions in your garden, we can not guarantee recovery or performance, and therefore are not be able to refund in this case. Thank you for your understanding.